Guests attend BRICS Health Ministers Meeting and High Level Meeting on Traditional Medicine in Tianjin, July 6, 2017. [Photo/Xinhua] TIANJIN - President Xi Jinping Thursday sent a congratulatory letter to a meeting of BRICS countries' health ministers, calling for enhanced exchanges and cooperation. He called on relevant parties to study work in the field of traditional medicine and make joint efforts to tackle public health challenges. Noting that BRICS countries have already established a high-level dialogue to cope with public health challenges, Xi said he believed the meeting, which opened Thursday, would promote exchanges and build consensus in relevant fields among BRICS and other countries. It is our common good vision that everyone enjoys good health, Xi said in the letter. The meeting will also discuss traditional medicine, which the president said is an important aspect of traditional culture. Xi said traditional Chinese medicine is a prominent representative of traditional medicine. Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong read Xi's letter at the opening ceremony. The meeting is attended by ministers of health and traditional medicine and senior representatives from BRICS countries as well as representatives from the World Health Organization and other international organizations. personalized wristbands
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